Getting divorced

What to do when you receive a petition
Welcome video


The first hearing (continued)
The second hearing (continued)
The trial of the claim
When can expert evidence be used and how?
How to deal with questionnaires
What are the costs rules?

Splitting assets

How assets are divided up
How assets are divided up (continued)
Needs, obligations etc.
The most important decided cases
What is a clean break?
How do courts treat prenups and postnups?
Conduct and adding money back in
What if assets were inherited?
What if you think there are hidden assets?


Introduction to pensions
How do the courts deal with pensions?


Should there be maintenance?
How much maintenance?
How long should the maintenance last for?
How long (continued)
Money to live on until the end of the case
Money to live on continued
How to fund your case
How to fund your case (continued)
The law of child maintenance
Is cohabitation relevant?

Appeals & Variation

Setting aside an agreed order
Changing a matrimonial order

Legal advice

What do barristers do?