Undefended divorce

Where the Respondent says they are not going to defend, or where they don’t respond at all, the Petitioner can apply for a decree nisi.  There is a form to use:


To go with the application for a decree nisi there is a statement that has to be filled in, which one you used depends upon which type of grounds you are relying on (adultery, behaviour etc.).  The form is called D80.  It can be found by using the search facility on the HMCTS web site:


If you are the person who petitioned, you must wait at least 6 weeks from the date of the decree nisi before applying for a decree absolute.  The form is here:


If you are the other person you must wait a further 3 months, on top of the 6 weeks if you want to apply for the decree to be made absolute.

If you leave it more than 12 months after the decree nisi, to apply for the decree absolute you will need to explain the delay to the court before the court will allow you to apply for decree absolute out of time.

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